IMG_0611This site is about social entrepreneurship, sustainability and creative ways in which to work together to create meaning and value through enterprise development, education, and community building.

And this is a place for innovation – discovering new ways in which meets can be met, through social enterprise development and collaboration.

Dr. Tamara Stenn is a Social Entrepreneur, Sustainability Consultant, academic, and author.


Using her own field tested ethnographic research tools, Tamara combines the best of design thinking, Suma Qamana indigenous sustainability models, participatory rural appraisal methods and the United Nations’ Circles of Sustainability framework to create a full, interactive assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to an organization or community’s sustainability and build collaboration  and partnerships.  Qualitative and quantitative methods are combined to create a full stakeholder analysis with action goals and a follow-up plan.

Tamara works privately with organizations and businesses applying design thinking, solidarity economy and permaculture methods to the Business Model Canvas to determine new ways in which a social enterprise can be imagined and realized.  Services include social marketing, branding and scalable development planning. 

Tamara provides situational analysis, feasibility studies and market analysis for businesses and organizations.  These include a full use of assessment tools including focus groups, stakeholder analysis, in-depth interviews, surveys and secondary data reporting.  Annual reports, presentations, white papers and book chapters are authored by her.  Services available in Spanish and English.

imgresOur most recent “Spring Forward” event is now and will continue to be our biggest fundraiser every year, and it is Ms. Stenn’s brainchild.  She was the one who conceived of the idea of using her Social Marketing class as a venue for her students to develop real-world strategies to promote and improve our organization, and even when the students’ work was complete, she ensured that their ideas would not be abandoned as mere theories, but would instead be concretely implemented.  For Brattleboro Time Trade members who expressed anxiety about the up-front costs of such a large and unprecedented endeavor, she patiently demonstrated how through local cultivated sponsorships and mutually beneficial arrangements, no aspect of the event need move forward until its guaranteed success was all but assured. Ultimately, Ms. Stenn achieved consensus on her and her students’ vision, and then took the months-long necessary and incremental leadership steps to bring our event into fruition.  In the end, the necessary work was carried out by many Brattleboro Time Trade members, which should be the case in community and organizational development. – Scott Aronowitz, President of the Board, Brattleboro Time Trade, VT


The project assigned to students was to analyze marketing needs of Strolling of the Heifers and to make recommendations for new approaches within the framework of, Guerilla Marketing, a book on unconventional low-cost marketing techniques being used in the class.  This gave us several opportunities to observe Dr. Stenn’s effectiveness in communicating with and motivating her students.  We were pleased with the results of the project and in fact, we engaged one of the students as an intern at Strolling of the Heifers for six months.  – Orly Munzing, Director, Strolling of the Heifers, VT

To contact Tamara about a service please e-mail: tamara @ kusikuy.com or call 802-254-2273.