Day 3 – The Bolivians are NOT starving because people are eating quinoa

Day 3 – The Bolivians are NOT starving because people are eating quinoa

Growth in quinoa production.

Growth in quinoa production.

It has been erroneously reported that the raising cost of quinoa has resulted in quinoa shortages in country and Bolivian’s not having enough nutritious grain to eat themselves. Don’t worry. It’s actually the opposite which is true.

Bolivia is consuming more qinuoa internally than ever before.

Once shunned as a “backward food from the countryside” and banned by the Spanish, quinoa is now in mode in Bolivia as even wealthy elites are consuming it regularly.

In the countryside, people grow their own quinoa as subsistence farmers. This production never makes it onto the market because it is used for the families’ own consumption. The government is also buying vast amounts of quinoa to make into cookies and nutrituous melas for free public school lunches.  So there is plenty of affordable access to quinoa for Bolivia and they are consuming more of that grain now than ever before.

As one farmer said, “please keep buying and eating our quinoa, we need the money and we have plenty of grain.”

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  1. One cup of quinoa contains about 8 grams of protein, about twice that of other grains.
    For hot salads use it together with cheese, tofu or roasted vegetables.
    The first thing that you’ll always desire to keep in mind
    is that quinoa grain should be washed.

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