The days move on…

The days move on…

Though I originally intended to do a post a day, and often did, the web service was so poor or non-existent that it became impossible to maintain that intention online.  When I did find sufficient band width and a functioning computer, I often combined several days of writing into a single post.  So now at the end of our journey, we are not at the end of he days listed.

In reality, it is now the final week of my work in Bolivia this time.  All sites have been visited, surveys done, workshops completed, interviews conducted, observations recorded and analysis made. The work has been presented in La Paz, Cochabamba, Anzaldo to university students at Catholic University and Sam Simone University, counterparts have reviewed the results including our friends in Australia at the United Nations Circles Program.

I will now accelerate the posting dates to the place where we actually are in the calendar. Enjoy sharing in my final days!

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