Day 3: Holiday – end of semester congestion

Day 3: Holiday – end of semester congestion

The startup has come to a screeching halt as I scramble to write a quick proposal for a college text on Social Entrepreneurism as a key to sustainability, pause for some holiday debauchery (kidding!), and finish grading my students for the semester.  However, it continues on in my head (alongside the visions of sugar-plums) and will soon have it’s chance to roll out a bit more next week (after a white paper my students co-authored on quinoa gets submitted for peer review with the HDCA Journal first).

This photo is from last week when I was with KUSIKUY at the Prudential Center in Boston selling excess inventory to fund raise for the start-up and to also help support indigenous rights NGO, Cultural Survival.  Had a nice stay at an Airbnb right around the corner.  Sold $2,135 of inventory in 2 days…

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