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Day 10: A riderless horse

Day 10: A riderless horse

Coming back IMG_2991from dropping the kids off at school and my neighbor’s horse decides the summer paddock is a much better place to spend the winter (except it’s not!).  We have a fun moment, giving “Big Red” the right of way, slowing down and letting our businesses take back seat to her slow, nonchalant stroll down the middle of the road.


Big Red taking a stroll past Lilac Ridge Farm… on the way up the mountain to KUSIKUY’s Vermont offices.

The sky says, “snow tonight” which is nice since my daughter wanted to go cross country skiing with me tomorrow.  We’ll of course be wearing our KUSIKUY glittens – it’s so easy to adjust bindings that way, and we never lose our gloves by stuffing them in our pockets and having them fall out.  When we get home, we can lay them out by the fire, knowing in less than an hour they will be dry and ready for the next adventure.