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Day 14: Sunny Skies

Day 14: Sunny Skies


KUSIKUY’s new logo will not have a monolith in it.

Well, ya gotta love the NYC creatives.  I almost had another designer quit on me because he felt I was over-managing him and, “had my head up my ass,” as far as my creative direction went.  Fortunately I’m a NYC type myself an can appreciate the blunt, in-your-face-ness of NY.  And it gave us both a moment to better understand each other and know that my ill-guided suggestions, were just that, and the designer gets to be in charge of the design (and educate me on what it’s all about).

It has been both challenging and exciting being the “student” in this project, patiently forming a team of experts to lead this launch and guide me though these unchartered waters – with a lot of faith and patience on their end too!

Concrete and water ext street 2

We will visit Concrete + Water in Brooklyn tomorrow…

When I left the scene 7 years ago (in 2007), the story was al the rage.  Lots of text, Kindles were new, transparency in clothing was unheard of and I was a storyteller.  Now stories are old news.  Everyone, even developing world producers, have smart phones, and the photos are taking the place of 1,000 words and then some.  And not just snapshots, but beautifully constructed art photos and short videos.  On Monday our first samples ship from Bolivia.  Photos are coming first!
Tomorrow I take a group of MHC students to NYC to meet my re-launch team and others working in social investment and fashion as part of a career exploration day.