Day 13: Delivery and blessings

Day 13: Delivery and blessings

Ahh, blessings.  I’m working on a minimized web site right now.  The hardest thing for me it to tell and show so little about KUSIKUY – when there is so much to say and see!pillowbox

The newest thing is the delivery will be in a pillow box  with tan tissue paper and Bolivia string with pom poms.  We will have a small card with the name of the knitter written on it and her blessing (ch’alla).  It turns out all KUSIKUY products are blessed.

Usually the blessing is an invocation of the spirits of Pachamama (earth mother) and one’s ancestors to look over the wearer of the glove; that they stay warm, protected, healthy and happy.  The yarn is also blessed as are the animals.

The first day of the month is when Bolivian businesses and people pause for a moment, light incense and through messages delivered in the smoke, thank the spirit ancestors, Pachamama, protective mountains and rivers for all they have given and ask for continued help and remembrance  in all that is still still needed.  Spirits are invited to beer and pure alcohol spilled on the ground for them.


Bolivians create a ch’alla celebrating the election of president Evo Morales.


  1. Pamela Joy says:

    I remember shopping for and burning prayers and messages for Pachamama, before we left Cochabamba for Misque and beyond! Love you, Girl! You are doing great things, as we all always knew you would!

    • Tamara Stenn says:

      Thanks Pam – that was certainly fun and important. It’s nice knowing someone else is looking over things with you.