Day 9: A Writing Respite

Day 9: A Writing Respite


A Sustainability Circle from my summer Fulbright research of quinoa growers and local sustainability in agricultural communities (scroll back to the previous blog series to learn more).

With KUSIKUY, the new budget is in. Team is forming. Mentors are looped in and networks reached out to.  On the academic front the MHC syllabus is done, guests invited, projects confirmed, notices sent out, and calendar arranged (classes start Tuesday…).

Now I can take a respite from the busy beaver planning, organizing, coordinating… and sink into some deep thinking, letting my spirit wander though the ether, gather up ideas, thoughts fleeting images and forms and shape them into something palatable and important – calling to soul and spirit.  And so starts day 1 of writing a new academic text, a short philosophical pivot book on how social entrepreneurship builds sustainability in today’s world.  

The argument is we are all social entrepreneurs on a micro level of running a household and making choices on the life we choose to live, job, management of personal economy, etc…  and we have power with these choices and they have impact.  Should be out in May-Aug (it’s a Palgrave Pivot Book).  First chapter will be read by my students on Tuesday and the book will unfold over the course of the semester…  


Tamara at her stand-up desk at her home office in VT. All of Tamara’s work is done standing up. There are many good reasons for this – but Tamara’s is that it’s better for her back!

Spring is certainly the time for new beginnings!