Day 8: Power of Now

Day 8: Power of Now

cat snowAfter a lovely snowy morning meeting with business students at Greenfield Community College and making a fantastic connection with KUSIKUY’s soon to be new brand designer, art director and life archiver extraordinaire (name to be released at a later date!), it is now time to settle in to creating (and updating) Entrepreneurship Programming to support the 2,189 Mount Holyoke College students I serve in their business development.  Listening to Eckhart Tolle‘s Power of Now keeps me here and not daydreaming (too much) about all of the wonderful plans for KUSIKUY (other then the soft launch around V-Day!).

The KUSIKUY knitters are so good at the Power of  Now.  Often when first arriving in Bolivia, I start talking to them about my Big Plans for KUSIKUY: next month, next year, future expansions …

At first they are interested though soon they stop nodding their heads, their attention goes elsewhere (I begin to wonder if maybe my Spanish off and I’m not being understood…) and eventually someone will ask me a dona lily 9 febreroquestion about something happening now, that has nothing to do with the grandiose thing I am going on and on about.

“Oh yeah, now,” I am reminded, and I slow down, smile, breathe, sip my tea and feel humbled.

On other occasions, I’ve asked the women why they don’t want to talk big plans with me.  Knitter Dona Lily explained it best, “you don’t know what the future will bring, and when it brings what it does, it is there and that’s it.”  Tolle would like that!