Day 4: Gearing up for the Mentors

Day 4: Gearing up for the Mentors

vvm-logo-menu-150x150 2This time when (re)launching my company I have the support of mentors – local amicable business folks who have an interest in helping me to build a successful business.  My mentors are Rob Laport of 2disc, a fantastic numbers guy who really knows how to quantify social media and Jennifer Williams of Verilliance who is a learned informer on human behavior and motivation.  All of this is supported by venture capitalist, non-profit organization Valley Venture Mentors.  After going through a pitch competition/voting process to get into the 4-month program.  We’re 2/3 of he way through our mentorship (me and 14 other local start-ups).  This Thursday I’ll have 3 minutes to pitch my company – where we are now, where we want to be and what we need to get there.  I will be pitching the world’s best glitten with a heart (#bestglitten) and looking for insight and support for using social media to gain customers through storytelling and transparency.

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