Day 5: Inspirations

Day 5: Inspirations

Tamara inspirationWow, it’s been a whirlwind with the re-launch.  Getting into mentoring programs, deciding on the scope of the re-launch, designing it, exploring best practices, the industry, peers, my customer.  getting up to date on so much that has happened in the design-fashion world in the past 8 years.  Now branding.  It seems simple at times and huge and overwhelming at other times.  I can’t imagine how I ever did this in the first place – for years doing all production, design, sales, marketing… a one stop shop.  With no real experience in any of it!  But somehow I pulled it off.

But now we are beyond “pulling off” and are instead gorgeous, meaningful, inspirational, art.  It feels good to welcome the women knitters as the true artists they are, celebrate their work with carefully created designs, and unveil KUSIKUY as the serious brand it was meant to be.

My inspiration though out the whole process?  The stark cold frosty breath still, silent mornings of NYC corners, waiting for a bus, a train, hands cold, thoughts distant and the cool, stark warmth of the Andean sunrise, dramatic cliffs, windswept plains, softly glowing vast skies mauve, gold and the deepest blue, piqued with the tone of a single flute, whispering across the bare silent hills, and the scattered seed of sacred quinoa – a symbol of life, continuity, fragility and endurance… (NYC photo credit: Rebecca Lepkoff)

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