Early Thaw

Early Thaw

alpaca fleece

The silky luster of alpaca fleece.

Nice day of alpacas grazing in the neighbor’s yard.  KUSIKUY fiber comes from Bolivia which is of finer quality, softness and length than the US alpaca fiber.  It is not known why – perhaps it’s the high altitude in Bolivia, extreme temperature changes (60 degrees during the day and 2o degrees at night), the sparse grasses, arid climate, lack of parasites… For whatever reason, Bolivia’s alpacas have the finest micron count and the most beautiful luster.  So we purchase our alpaca fiber from them.  It is nice to see alpacas here in the US too though, they are such sweet, gentle animals, cousins to llamas and camels.  I wonder if they know they have ancestors high in the Andes mountains so far away…

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