Building a Team

Building a Team

team thinkingI’ve been listing to Alex Blumberg’s podcast, startup, and was intrigued when he talked about valuing a business that did not yet exist – at $10 million and then working backwards to see what was needed to get there.  So I did the same with KUSIKUY – valued it as $5 million in 3 years and realized I needed a team (and some more money but that comes later)!

I also know from when I grew KUSIKUY before, that I did not like running a large firm alone.  I felt lonely with no one to celebrate successes or commiserate over setbacks with.  I wanted this to be fun and I wanted fun people around me to share this with.  I also did not want them to be my employees, because I did not want to have to constantly be directing everything, I wanted folks also being in charge and sharing in ideas, direction and talent.  I wanted a team.

So I looked over my favorite friends made these last 6 months of growing KUSIKUY and found three people I would love to have on board – ones with a proven track record of success in their own work, with independent flexible work schedules, and an interest in KUSIKUY.  J: a wonderful visionary of people and the online user experience, J2: the systems guy who could take our inventory control, ordering systems and fulfillment software though our current Bolivia production to Peru, Africa, Asia and beyond (more on that in the he next paragraph), and T: an amazing men’s fashion guru who also understands wool.  tea

It was spring break.  I had some free time.  So I set up meetings with each of these great people and pitched them my idea.  They were intrigued.  I am waiting to hear back what they decide.  We have a get together party scheduled for May…


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