Buy Once

Buy Once


KUSIKUY Kids – hand knit alpaca wool sweater, ears hat and woolens.

I was checking on a KUSIKUY order at Green Mountain Diapers today (yes, besides glittens, we make amazing hand knit alpaca night pants and woolens) and was having a lovely chat with Karen, the owner of this great natural diapering company.  20 years ago, we were both starting our companies out of our homes while raising kids in a natural, healthy way. Karen was talking about how a friend of ours who owns Vermont Woods Studios is selling beautifully hand crafted furniture as “Buy Once.”  You get a lovingly hand made piece of furniture that becomes a loved part of family life, forever.  It reminded me of KUSIKUY.

Handmade in Vermont - Buy Once, love forever!

Vermont Woods Studios – Handmade in Vermont – Buy Once, love forever!


In 2007 KUSIKUY launched the “8 year sweater” a guarantee that our hand knit alpaca sweaters would last 8 years.  To support this, we free offered hole repair and replacement services.  We waited and braced ourselves to see what would happen.  Now 7 years later, we have not had a single sweater returned or sent in for repairs.  The reason?  Most of our KUSIKUY sweaters last for 12 years and counting.  An 8 year old sweater is still a “young adult” in KUSIKUY sweater years!  So with KUSIKUY, I guess you can also say, Buy Once!

KUSIKUY Baby Dream sweater - 10 years old and still kicking!

KUSIKUY Baby Dream sweater – 10 years old and still kicking!

Here is my friend’s daughter in her 10 year old KUSIKUY hand-me-down from her 2 big sisters who each wore it for years!  Years of heavy play and machine washing and it’s still a favorite.  KUSIKUY certainly is Buy Once!