KUSIKUY’s first investor!

KUSIKUY’s first investor!

Mock up of KUSIKUY's new hang tags - coming soon.

Mock up of KUSIKUY’s new hang tags – coming in April.

So exciting.  I got a totally unexpected phone call today.  It was an investor wanting to know how he can help KUSIKUY.  “Can I pay for the labels he asked?”  Instead of accepting payment for labels, I signed him on as KUSIKUY’s first investor.  Now this is his chance to be a part of the KUSIKUY history, coming in at the ground level as we are just getting started with our next decade of growth and development.  Even better, he is no longer “paying for labels,” instead he is making a three-year investment with interest.  How great is that?

Watch for KUSIKUY's May Kickstarter coming soon!

Watch for KUSIKUY’s May Kickstarter: Design your own glitten – coming soon!

So other investors in the wings this is the time to come forward – send me a message and we’ll talk!  We have other exciting fund raising opportunities coming up too such as a May kickstarter and summer-long discounted pre-sales.