Scaling KUSIKUY – $5 million in 3 years

Scaling KUSIKUY – $5 million in 3 years

KUSIKUYLLamaSo something folks are constantly asking me is if it takes us 12 hours to knit a glitten, how will KUSIKUY scale?  The answer is through place.  We will continue to seek out enclaves of amazingly skilled artisans  with access to local natural fibers and work with them to keep expanding the KUSIKUY line.  Building capabilities and opportunities.  After Bolivia we can expand to Peru, where KUSIKUY has worked int he past and still is in contact with its former producers.  Then it’s off to Africa for a summer line of hand made brilliantly dyed cotton dresses and shirts for men and women and then on to Asia for some silk.. All the while maintaining Fair Trade standards, celebrating the artisans, delighting the consumer, and making gorgeous clothing that lasts, is loved and makes everyone feel wonderful.

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