1000 stitches

1000 stitches


KUSIKUY – hand knit with love by 20 generations of royal Inca artisans.

Each KUSIKUY glove is knit with at least 1,000 stitches.

Blogger Brandie wrote this beautiful poem about knitting 1,000 stitches and it so perfectly echoes the sentiments the KUSIKUY knitters share with me as they knit, imagining who the busy person in a far away land wearing their knits will be…

And as I knit each stitch for you,
I knit in prayers of happiness and joy
I knit in wishes of a life of lots of laughter
I knit in hopes of goodness and lots of smiles
I knit in hugs and love for the moments you need them, despite hoping you never will
I knit in thoughts that you will have a well-knit community around you.
This is what I knit for you.

As I knit, my anxiety slips off like a stitch being dropped
As I knit, the sadness I carry lightens
As I knit, worries about my health disappear
As I knit, I feel like I’ve found my place in the world
As I knit, I am filled with joy and happiness as I picture you with the finished product
This is what I knit for me.

I knit for you
I knit for me
As the yarn is joined together, for a moment, so are we
Just for a moment. 
As I knit each stitch for you

Thank you, Brandie and all of the world’s  amazing knitters.