And when I’m not “KUSIKUYing” I’m mentoring 28+ student enterprises!

And when I’m not “KUSIKUYing” I’m mentoring 28+ student enterprises!


With MHC student entrepreneurs (I’m on the far left) on the way home from San Fransisco after a successful weekend at CGIU.

It’s been a busy year at Mount Holyoke College (MHC) where I am the  Entrepreneurship Coordinator and Visiting Lecturer in Economics.  Things began getting very busy when my students began winning competitions and making it into final rounds for entrepreneurship presentations and pitches this past month.  Last week I traveled to UC Berkley with with 15 MHC students who were invited to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University, based on a competitive application process.  They engaged in innovation and leadership in education, health care, justice and environmental challenges.  


CGIU winners!

While there, I made up a list of all of the enterprises I am working on.  It turns out there are now 28 active student social enterprises (up from the 3 that were there when I started this job in September 2015) that I am mentoring/coaching at MHC!  So far they have generated over $6,000 in revenue though I expect that to triple by the end of  this month with their participation in the Draper Competition,  Grinsoon Banquet, and CGIU Foundation funds!  

Some student enterprises arose from my classroom, others from our weekly Entrepreneurship Learning Lunches and others from classroom projects that inspired action.  


My students at the SIT Institute busy creating social marketing solutions for the local Winter Famers Market in Brattleboro, Vermont.

So proud of the ladies at MHC (women’s college) and the awesome work they are doing.  Projects range from apps that help with diet, business and safety  management to conflict transformation training programs rom Columbia, water pumps in Kenya,  air masks made from water bottles in China, artisan production in Rwanda, Malawi, work study in Ethiopia, rape prevention and health training programs in Bangladesh, trauma art therapy in Nepal, and more!

Kudos to he 18 SIT Graduate Institute students who worked with me to create wonderful solutions for better customer retention and involvement at the Brattleboro Winter Farmers Market!