Moving along – on Target!

Moving along – on Target!


KUSIKUY unveiled – mock ups of hand tags and labels. Production in the print shop now!


Things are cooking here at KUSIKUY.  With our first order of mittens in production, labels and tags being finalized and social media getting coordinated, it feels as if we are putting the last coat of wax on our showroom floors!


KUSIKUY – a tradition of attention to detail and fine handcrafting with the world’s best materials.

It has been an amazing journey re-discovering my beloved clothing company and imagining our future.  I come form a long line of NYC entrepreneurs, my father is one and my grandfather too and back in the old country my great grandparents were also entrepreneurs.  However, rather than hand down a single company from generation to generation, we chose to be a family of stubborn entrepreneurs, with each of us growing (and selling) our own enterprises: my great grandparents were jewelers, grandfather a processor of precious metals, my father a dental equipment manufacturer and myself a fine, handmade clothier.  Though we did not pass down our enterprises, we did pass down a strong business ethic, shrewdness, discerning eye for detail, an innate honesty and a commitment to labor, being sure to provide the best working conditions and benefits to secure a committed, talented force.  I bring this NYC sensibility to KUSIKUY carefully choosing the best designers and brand agents in New York to bring contemporary styling to Andean heritage and make world famous sustainable luxury.