Shark Tank!

Shark Tank!

Kusikuy_FB_ProfileIcon_v1I was just getting off the plane in San Fransisco when I checked my phone and saw that there had been a missed call from the office of Kevin Harrington on my phone. They contacted me because Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank wanted to talk to me about new programming featuring KUSIKUY.  What?!
I put my pitch talents into full gear, calling upon all support mentors, friends and colleagues to help coach me through this.
I was scheduled for a phone conversation the following week and I was ready!  I had been doing lots of internet research and watching tons of Shark Tank footage, getting a real feel for the show and the people.  In the process I had found a small site of complaints against Kevin for selling them a $19,000 infomercial package, and not a spot on Shark Tank.  Hmmm.
Anyway I prepared for the best, stayed positive and had a great conversation with Ron Rubin in production.  I pitched them that we can collaborate together through KUSIKY to bring their As Seen on TV and Shark Finds brand to a large and growing sustainable, luxury market.  Waiting to see what will happen next!



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