My Birthday – new beginnings

My Birthday – new beginnings

birthdayHappy Birthday to me, May 1st, International Worker’s Day.  It seems everyone I know who shares that birthday with me, also seems to work a lot.  Did they name that day after us?

On another note – Oy vey, it’s been 30 years (!) since I formally studied marketing and the marketing world has changed.  I’m now taking a crash course in Social Media fueled by my students, children, peers, Hubspot Academy, and  (ironically) Social Media!  Watching YouTube for video tips, listening to start up and  podcasts such as Start Up and Social Media Marketing for “how to” moments and inspiration.  Plus I[m starting to amass my stable to favorite bloggers including Simply Quinoa (amazing photos and great, personal style) and my own neighborhood Stasia’s Thrift Me Pretty.  I’ll be in her style school exploring new ways to engage with customers and build community using social media and also getting my style on to groove with those amazing KUSIKUY glittens we have coming out!


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