Tamara Stenn designs interactive workshops that enable participants to view their environments in new and different ways.

Tamara Stenn is just the person you’d expect to find swapping quinoa recipes with indigenous women in the Bolivian Andes, lecturing at an economics classroom at a US university, facilitating participants in a transformative workshop, or hawking her sustainable wares at international trade shows.  She is available to speak at events, workshops and classrooms and is known for her hard-hitting case studies, real life experiences and interactive presentation style. Presentations can be given in English or Spanish.

Author/activist Bill McKidden called Tamara’s work in Fair Trade and well-being, “…serious examination of what those words really mean!”

Professor/author Mary A. Litterall states: “Tamara Stenn skillfully interweaves macro and micro perspectives of Fair Trade for understanding the complexities and opportunities for Fair Trade in the global market.”

Business owner/activist Dean Cycon of Dean’s Beans vouches: “Her (Tamara) work in Bolivia, her compassion and hard-nosed business sense combine well with the desire and ability of her Bolivian partners to create a real picture of why Fair Trade matters.”

Tamara Stenn
 has spoken at conferences and educational venues, including the American Economic Association, Human Development and Capability Association, the North American Simulation and Gaming Association, the Intercontinental Network of Social Solidarity Economy, the Left Forum, Keene State College Biennial Symposium.  She also presents at local organizations, clubs and classrooms.

Tamara Stenn
 offers custom designed workshops and retreats for sustainable community building and assessment. These can be a simple 2-hour meeting or a longer workshop series depending on organizational goals and resources.

Tamara Stenn provides custom guided tours of the Bolivian Andes exploring themes of sustainability, well-being and community.  Her experiential learning approach includes home stays and a full immersion in local customs and culture. Tours are in English and Spanish with guides inerpreting local languages of Aymara and Quechua.

April 2015: Post Oil Solutions community group Andean Sustianability workshop, Brattleboro, VT
July-August 2015 – Bolivia: Fulbright research – Gender and Sustainable Development in Bolivia. A comparative study of the impact of Fair Trade, organic certification and conventional production on the well-being of women quinoa farmers and their families.
September 2015: Human Development and Capability Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

To book an event please contact Tamara at tamara @ kusikuy.com or 802-579-3386.