wmncowl-01KUSIKUY, pronounced, koo see’ kwee, means “Make yourself happy” in Quechua – the traditional language of many of our knitters. We strive to make everyone happy as we tread lightly upon our planet; respecting the natural environment, plants, animals, people and beliefs that make us a single, interrelated, global community.

Our commitment to both the people and the planet starts from the earth, Pachamama, which feeds the native grasses upon which our herds graze and supports the crops our knitters eat. And extends to the environment. Our production is purposely done without fossil fuels. Products are hand knit by the light of the sun or a bulb powered by a solar or hydroelectric energy. Even our yarn processing is done with hydroelectric power and environmentally friendly grey water purification.

…And ends with the people. You, the customer, are guaranteed a beautifully hand crafted garment that you can wear with pride, knowing you look great and are supporting sustainability for the planet and its people.