Using the Sustainability Lens (TM), I help businesses to improve their methods to build greater collaboration, stronger customer relations and secure their markets.

As a Social Entrepreneurship Coordinator, academic, researcher and practitioner, I work to make innovation known, accessible and interconnected.  Teaching students and innovators the skills needed for management, leadership, team building and invention is key to a successful, sustainable enterprise.  Helping to bridge creative solutions, find and link silos of awesomeness, and build community takes talent.  I create learning and development workshops aimed at building understanding across vastly different social, political and cultural places; engaging communities in participatory development; and conducting meaningful grassroots research and development focused on improving well-being and sustainability.

Tamara teaches social entrepreneurship at the SIT Graduate Institute, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Greenfield Community College.  She is currently faculty at Landmark College.

A Social Enterprise Example

MyFair Trade company, KUSIKUY Clothing Co. is a social enterprise.  It is the number one producer of hand knit alpaca glittens and this is done using zero fossil fuel production, locally sourced yarn, paying a living wage and creating leadership opportunities for women while providing customers with a superior quality, innovative product.  Part of the revenue from sales goes into a professional development fund to help grow capabilities and opportunities while other funds are out into a rotating lending program.

In addition, social entrepreneurship can include social marketing to enable customers and producers to build their own relationships and learn from each other.