The Journey is Over – KUSIKUY is launched!

The Journey is Over – KUSIKUY is launched!


Tamara with Emilia Laime of Arani, head knitter from the knitting group producing the KUSIKUY men’s line.

OK – I’m now back from Bolivia where I spent 10 days introducing the knitters to social media, smart phones, whatsapp and Facebook messenger/video chat, oversaw production, documented processes on video and still photography and set up knitter profiles.

It was my shortest trip to Bolivia ever, but it achieved exactly what it was supposed to: build transparency and share the incredible relationships we have with the amazing people from this sacred place.

In addition, I collected up some great goodies (including blessings, food and personalized tours in Bolivia) for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign (June 8th) and Launch Party at our Vermont headquarters (June 26th).

The website is up:  Our social media is working well.  Like, view and follow us in

#KUSIKUYKnitters collaborate on production.

#KUSIKUYKnitters collaborate on production.

pinterest: kusikuy1, facebook: kusikuy1, twitter: kusikuy_luxury, and instagramkusikuyco

Please continue to be a part of this journey at KUSIKUY, join our newsletter and follow us on the new KUSIKUY blog coming in the next 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to continuing the adventure with you. Thank you for sharing this with me so far…

Tinkunakama (“until later in Quechua – the language of the KUSIKUY knitters!)

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